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The Platform

Corporations, Non-Profits, Affinity Groups and Social Networks are leveraging the RevBright platform to build brand loyalty and monetize their customers, members and donors. Their users rate brands and receive targeted offers based on their interests as well as cash back every time they shop online. Our partners receive transactional revenue along with valuable shopping insights which are used to better market to their customers. Give and receive... win-win... it's all good!

RevBright Logo

Who This Works For

  • Advertisers seeking consumer insights
  • Retailers wanting to generate more sales
  • Businesses trying to build brand loyalty
  • Social Networks looking to monetize their users
  • Non-Profits looking to increase donations
What they're saying

What they are Saying

"We are excited about being part of this platform. Priceline's deals offer substantial savings that we feel will be well-received by value conscious internet users."
Paul Hennessy
Chief Distribution Officer,
"The question on most everyone's mind: how do you monetize social networks? Advertising doesn't work; you can't charge users. I explore this question in my book, Viral Loop.

"This platform offers an ingenious solution; share the wealth and encourage users to do what they do naturally: shop. In my opinion, this is going to be huge."
Adam L. Penenberg
Contributing Writer, Fast Company Magazine

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